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The goals of the division of Perioperative Clinical Care are to advance the practice of patient-centered, multidisciplinary and integrated medical care of patients from the moment of contemplation of surgery until full recovery, and to improve short and long-term clinical outcomes of surgical patients by optimizing the provision of comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and state-of-the-art patient care throughout the surgical journey. The division is managed by the multidisciplinary Perioperative Clinical Care Committee (PCCC).


To accomplish this goal, the division focuses on optimizing preoperative risk-stratification, preoperative optimization of functional status, preoperative optimization of chronic medical conditions, adherence to intraoperative and postoperative anesthesia and pain medicine best practices, postoperative follow-up of high-risk patients or those with surgical complications, and arrangement for appropriate medical care and follow-up of at-risk or vulnerable patients. 


Membership of the Committee is multidisciplinary, cross-site (TGH and TWH), and includes, but is not limited to, representation from Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Surgery, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, and Operations.