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Sleep, Anesthesiology, And Pain Medicine (SleAP) Program

Welcome to the SleAP Program! Under the umbrella of Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI), and the University of Toronto, this multi-disciplinary program combines expertise in sleep medicine, anesthesiology, and pain medicine to address the intricate relationship between sleep health, pain management, and overall well-being.

Clinical Services:

Young Adult Clinic:

Specialized care for young adults experiencing chronic pain. Our team works collaboratively with chronic pain physicians, occupational therapists, and sleep specialists to address sleep health and pain management in this demographic. 


Opioid Clinic:

This novel program involves collaborative clinical management by our multi-disciplinary team of chronic pain physician, clinical pharmacists and sleep physician for chronic pain patients on chronic opioids for chronic non-cancer pain. We focus on providing opioid management, opioid knowledge, risk mitigation strategies, and management of disordered breathing associated with chronic opioid therapy.


SleAP Clinic:

Comprehensive care for adults dealing with chronic pain or those in the peri-operative period with sleep health disruptions. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of anesthesiologists, surgeons, and peri-operative health services to develop personalized clinical pathways to manage sleep disorders, and optimize sleep health, and patient-centered outcomes such as pain, cognition, quality of recovery, and quality of life. 


Why SleAP?

  • Research Environment: Work alongside experts in the field and utilize cutting-edge technologies to evaluate sleep health.
  • Clinical Pathways: Develop and implement clinical pathways to help patients manage sleep and pain issues across various settings.
  • SleAP Fellowship Program: Explore the unique SleAP Fellowship Program, offering an exceptional opportunity for anesthesiologists to gain sleep knowledge, and sleep sciences exposure in sleep health and its intersection with peri-operative, and chronic pain management.


If you are interested in joining the SleAP program or applying for the SleAP Fellowship, please complete the application process using the links below.

We welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Lead Physician(s)


Dr. Mandeep Singh

Future Trainees

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