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Program Description

The Hyperbaric Area of Focused Competency Training, is a Royal College approved program that address a legitimate societal and patient population need that was previously unmet by the system of primary and subspecialty disciplines. Hyperbaric Medicine comprises hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), the medical use of oxygen at an ambient pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, to treat a variety of medical conditions including decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, delayed radiation injury, gas gangrene and other problem wounds/infections including osteomyelitis. 

The program is competency based, and uses time as a framework rather than the main basis for progression.  Training requires a minimum of 3 – 12 months depending upon whether the components are undertaken on a full or part time basis.  This includes a comprehensive didactic program and complete clinical rotations to ensure the relevant knowledge and skills. The trainee is expected to meet the Competency Training Requirements for the Area of Focused Competence in Hyperbaric Medicine as set out by the Royal College. 

The overall goal of our program is to produce competent specialists in Hyperbaric Medicine (Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine Stream) who will provide clinical excellence and leadership as they practice Hyperbaric Medicine.  Our trainees will acquire the ability to disseminate medical knowledge about the established and evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and social-behavioral science of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as apply this knowledge to patient care.

Most of the training is located in the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit at TGH. This is the largest hospital-based hyperbaric facility in Ontario that has both multi-place and mono-place hyperbaric chambers.  The Hyperbaric Medicine Unit Team consists of 15 anesthesiologists, 32 respiratory therapists of which 26 are certified hyperbaric technologists, and an administrative assistant. The Unit provides 24/7 coverage for emergencies and treats 10-12 elective/urgent patients/day.

Program Lead(s)/Academic Program Team

Rita Katznelson 

AFC Director and Committee Chair


 Dr. Diana Tamir                                        Dr. Katherine Marseu

Curriculum Development                          Director of Education and Simulation



Dr. Srinivas Coimbatore                           Dr. Lisa Bahrey

Curriculum Development                         Wellness/Safety Lead and Curriculum Development

Jordan Tarshis (Sunnybrook Hospital)

Curriculum Development


Dr. George Djaini

Director of Research and Scholarship

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