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Sinai Health System

Dr. Alison McArthur- Site Lead Sinai Health System

The Department of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine within Mount Sinai Hospital is one of three hospital sites with a shared anesthetic practice due to common academic goals. Our site has unique expertise in obstetric anesthesia, regional anesthesia, medical education and chronic pain services within the Wasser Pain Clinic.  Our department of 33 anesthesiologists provides care alongside a team that includes anesthesia fellows sub-specializing in one of five areas, anesthesia and family practice anesthesia residents at the University of Toronto consolidating their training in their PGY1/2/3 years, and a dedicated team of anesthesia assistants who assist with sedation in the OR / fetal medicine unit/ endoscopy / ophthalmology services. 

Consistent with our sister hospital sites, our clinical practice is driven by research initiatives and evidence-based educational programs.  One of our hospital’s priority programs is the Women and Infants Health Program.  Our department is an integral component in the provision of high risk obstetric and neonatal care, participates in complex fetal medical and surgical care with national referrals, within a perinatal unit compromised of a  20-bed labour & delivery facility with 5 OR’s.  The unit provides care to women delivering over 7000 neonates per year. 

Our adult perioperative unit is centred within  the hospital’s new surgical facility consisting of 19 OR’s.  Here we care for complex surgical patients including patients from the Surgical Oncology program, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease program, the tertiary referral arthroplasty program, and the University of Toronto Maxillofacial Oral Surgery program.  Patients referred to our Wasser Chronic Pain Clinic have access to the multidisciplinary teams led by anesthesia leadership, providing medical and interventional pain therapies. 

Both our operating room services and Labour & Delivery unit have provided the environment to develop mature clinical research programs, and support our education program with trainees moving onto regional, national and international placements.  The strength of our department lies in its diversity, and our belief that teamwork provides the best care for patients. 

Toronto General Hospital

Dr. Coimbatore Srinivas- Site Lead Toronto General Hospital

The Toronto General Hospital (417 beds) is part of the University Health Network and is a tertiary/quaternary care centre. TGH is a world-renowned cardiothoracic and transplant centre and is currently ranked the 5th best hospital in the world according to a global ranking survey. TGH specialize in cardiac, thoracic, transplant, vascular, and major oncology surgeries including Robotic assisted surgeries; interventional cardiology; comprehensive pain program; cardiovascular intensive care unit; hyperbaric medicine program; and the national malignant hyperthermia program. TGH currently has 54 active staff anesthesiologists who hold academic appointments at the University of Toronto, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.  

Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Sheila Riazi- Site Lead Toronto Western Hospital

The department of anesthesia and Pain Medicine at Toronto Western Hospital offers world-class patient care in various surgeries including neurosurgery, spine, orthopedic, urology, general surgery, as well interventional neuroradiology. Each year, we provide anesthesia services for more than 15,000 procedures in 17 operating rooms and 5 additional locations on the Toronto Western Hospital campus. Our group compromises of 38 anesthesiologists, as well as anesthesia assistants, and nurse practitioners (pain).

Vision: Aligning with DAPM's vision of: "Excellence through collaboration, innovation, and inclusion", our TWH vision is delivering exceptional perioperative patient care, providing innovative pain management services, offering top-notch pedagogy and simulation-based medical education and training, and engaging in pioneering research aimed at quality improvement, clinical and translational research. These support UHN's purpose of making a positive contribution every day.

Mission: Establish and sustain a centre of excellence in neuroanesthesia, pain management, regional anesthesia, perioperative care including POCUS, ambulatory anesthesia, and education through simulation. 

Values: Professionalism, respect & courtesy, diversity, inclusion, belonging, protecting staff well being, civility, collaboration, and collegiality, accountability, and continuous learning. 

Women's College Hospital

Dr. Sheila Riazi- Site Lead Women's College Hospital

The department of anesthesia and Pain Medicine at Women's College Hospital offers world class ambulatory anesthesia care for various surgeries, including gynecology, general surgery, orthopedic, ear nose throat, plastic, gender affirmation surgery. We provide anesthesia for approximately 6000 procedures annually in 10 operating rooms. The same group of anesthesiologists from Toronto Western Hospital, also work at WCH department of anesthesia. A subdivision to the department is Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI), a comprehensive, interdisciplinary academic pain program serving as the hub for chronic pain care in Toronto.