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Consult And Preadmission Unit

Sinai Health System

Dr. Kristina Khanduja


The Preadmission Unit (PAU) provides comprehensive, patient-centered, preoperative preparation for surgery. It is staffed by a team of anesthesiologists, clerical coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, and a blood conservation nurse. As needed, allied health professionals from enterostomal nursing, social work, respiratory therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and nutrition also see selected patient groups. The model of care is a comprehensive anesthesiologist-led collaborative care model in partnership with PAU nursing.

Toronto General Hospital

Dr. Daniel Sellers


The preadmission clinic at Toronto General Hospital is in charge of ensuring that surgical patients are optimally prepared for surgery. The clinic staff comprises a dedicated and tireless administrative team, nursing staff, pharmacy and anesthesiologists. In the twelve months ending in June 2022, 7142 assessments were conducted (5080 were same day admits, 2062 were day surgery. In addition, we performed over 800 consults for cardiac surgery/procedures. 


Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Laura Giron Arango

The preadmission team at Toronto Western Hospital consists of two anesthesiologists (+/- resident/fellow), four clerical staff, eight nurses, three pharmacists, and one educator. The anesthesia preoperative consultation clinic continues to play an important role in assessing and optimizing patients prior to surgery to improve perioperative patient care and reduce cancellations and delay.