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Sleep Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (SleAP)

The SleAP Fellowship Program is registered, and approved by the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), University of Toronto, this unique fellowship offers an unparalleled opportunity for anesthesiologists to get exposed to the intricate relationship between sleep health, sleep disorders, and their impact on clinical outcomes in both peri-operative and chronic pain settings.

Our fellowship is integrated with the SleAP program, a multi-disciplinary program that brings together the fields of sleep medicine, anesthesiology, and pain medicine, providing fellows with a comprehensive understanding of sleep pathophysiology, upper airway physiology in sleep and under anesthesia, the bidirectional relationship between sleep and pain, and how this impacts patient-centred outcomes.


What We Offer: 

Research Opportunities: Engage in cutting-edge research projects, exploring the common grounds between sleep medidicne, anesthesiology, and pain management. The trainees get exposure in sleep sciences, and opportunities to develop clinical pathways for high-risk obstetric patients, patients on chronic opioids for chronic non-cancer pain, and implementing non-pharmacologic interventions like cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Other research opportunities include evaluating the use of new technologies for assessment of sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea using point of care ultrasound (PoCUS), portable sleep monitors, and actigraphy.

Clinical Experience: Gain hands-on experience in diagnosing and managing sleep health disturbances across diverse patient populations, including peri-operative, and chronic pain settings. Work on developing clinical pathways to address sleep and pain issues in collaboration with experienced professionals.


Our Vision:

We believe that addressing sleep disturbances is integral to improving pain management and overall health outcomes. The SleAP program is dedicated to providing sleep knowledge, and exposure of the knowledge and skills needed to address sleep-related challenges in various patient populations.


Application Process:

If you're passionate about exploring the intersection of sleep, anesthesiology, and pain medicine, we invite you to apply for the SleAP Fellowship Program. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Thank you for considering the SleAP Fellowship Program. We look forward to welcoming exceptional individuals to our innovative and collaborative community.


Program Lead

Dr. Mandeep Singh

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