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Advanced Clinical Practice

Program Description

Advanced Clinical Practice (TGH) Toronto General Hospital (6 positions per year) 


The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship is designed for the candidate that would like to gain more experience in high-risk anesthesia and will involve predominantly surgical oncology, vascular, cardiac patients for non-cardiac procedures as well as previous organ transplant patients for various procedures as well as potential organ transplant recipients.

It is well suited to the recent graduate that would like an additional year of experience prior to embarking on a busy community practice as well as to the graduate of a subspecialty program such as cardiac who want to familiarize themselves with procedures involving regional and neural axial techniques, cardiac output monitoring and post-operative pain management.

The fellow will be assigned to services that include surgical oncology, hepatobiliary, urology, head and neck, reconstructive plastic surgery as well as on call thoracic non-lung transplant cases. The fellow will also be involved in the pre-admission clinic for pre-operative assessment and assessment of surgical risk. The environment is well suited to a candidate preparing for licensing exams wishing to integrate into the Canadian Healthcare system.  

Program Lead(s)

Adam Snyman MD, FRCPC