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Advanced Airway Management

Program Description

Advanced Airway Management (TGH) Toronto General Hospital  (1 position per year). 

The airway fellowship focuses on the acquisition and demonstration of expertise in airway evaluation and management, enabling the individual to serve as an essential resource in the teaching and management of difficult airways.

The fellow will be actively involved in the care of patients undergoing complex head and neck surgical procedures:

  • approximately 100 major head and neck procedures, 
  • 50 laryngectomies and/or pharyngectomies
  • several tracheal resections
  • retrosternal thyroidectomies 
  • laser airway surgery
  • panendoscopies
  • awake tracheotomies
  • neck dissections and major reconstructions

Additionally, the fellow will participate in the care of patients undergoing high risk procedures in surgical oncology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, non-cardiac procedures in patients with cardiac disease, as well as post organ transplant and potential organ transplant recipients.  

The fellow will gain proficiency with a range of specific devices including a variety of supraglottic airways, bronchoscopes, video laryngoscopes and optical stylets.

There is also an emphasis on identifying and managing the "difficult to extubate" airway, with various evaluation techniques, tube exchangers and supraglottic airways. The fellow will have the opportunity to participate in the out-patient Head and Neck Clinic, assessing airways, mastering endoscopic techniques, and observing the outcome of complex reconstructions. 

An elective (maximum 2 weeks/academic year) at Mount Sinai Hospital to gain experience in complex airway management for dental surgery (including individuals with developmental delay) can also be arranged.  

Program Lead(s)

Dr. Matteo Parotto