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Neuromodulation - Toronto Western Hospital

Program Description

This is part of the Comprehensive Integrated Pain Program - Interventional Pain Service. The initial assessment is conducted by the pain physician, and further assessments (if required) are performed by neurosurgeons, psychologists, and physical therapists. Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) education sessions are conducted by the pain nurses, pain physicians, psychologists, and physical therapists. Common indications for referral to this program include Failed Neck/Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS/FNSS) with neuropathic symptoms and neuropathic pain syndromes including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Other indications include headaches, refractory peripheral vascular disease, refractory angina, and visceral abdominal or pelvic pain (interstitial cystitis). A successful neuromodulation trial is followed by surgery for an implant. Most trials are percutaneous (through the skin) and performed on an out-patient basis for approximately 12-14 days.  

Lead Physician(s)/Physician Team

Dr. Anuj Bhatia


Dr. Yasmine Hoydonckx                                        Dr. Pranab Kumar                                           Dr. Ehtesham Baig 

Dr. Dean Elterman

Dr. Suneil Kalia

Dr. Mojgan Hodaie

Clinical Care Team

Victoria Bains, RN, Megan Bruce, RN, Dr. Kathryn Curtis, Psychologist, Shrey Varsi, Physical Therapist  

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