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Mobile Pain Clinic

Program Description

We offer one of the only virtual community-based Mobile Pain Clinic Programs in Ontario. This program provides community outreach to patients with chronic pain across Ontario by empowering Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to better manage chronic pain in the community. The goals of the program are to:

(1) Enhance PCP comfort and skills with chronic pain management

(2) Decrease the number of unnecessary referrals to tertiary pain centers

(3) Improve wait times for chronic pain patients in need of specialty services

Dr. Tania Di Renna and the Pfizer Pain Fellow, along with our team pharmacists, hold virtual mobile pain clinics to referring primary care physicians. The team meets with family physicians in their community practice to provide one-time multi-modal pain assessment and customized plans to improve the patients ability to function. The mobile team sees up to 3 patients/clinic. The primary care provider also completes a 1-hour CME presentation on chronic pain for primary care physicians, a 1-hour patient assessment with the mobile pain team, followed by debrief of care plan with patient and primary care provider.

Lead Physician(s)

Dr. Tania Di Renna

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