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Ketamine Infusion Pain Program

Program Description

This is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence program. Ketamine infusions are offered for difficult to treat pain conditions such as refractory neuropathic pain. Our multidisciplinary approach, which includes psychology support and physiotherapy, allows us to help improve patient function and quality of life. 

Lead Physician(s)/Physician Team

Dr. Neilesh Soneji


Dr. Anuj Bhatia                                                         Dr. Paul Tumber                                    Dr. Yasmine Hoydonckx


Dr. Philip Peng                                                      Dr. Sachin Sahni                                     Dr. Pranab Kumar

Dr. Ehtesham Baig

Clinical Care Team

Emma Robertson, RN, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Victoria Bains, RN, Kathryn Curtis, PhD, C. Psych, Abigail Muere, PhD, C. Psych, Shrey Vazir, PT 

Danielle Alvares, PhD, Research Coordinator, Kawal Singh, Research Assistant Anesthesia Assistant 

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