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Cancer Pain

Program Description

The aim of the UHN Cancer Pain Program is to reduce opioid use, improve quality of life, minimize hospital (ER) visits/admissions, and enhance patient safety. This program offers interventional, transitional pain, and survivorship care. For interventional treatments, our program performs collaborative assessments to identify patients who will benefit from early interventions. It also aims to minimize medication requirements/opioid burden and reduce associated costs of medical management. For the transitional pain management, personalized pain management plans are considered, along with frequent adjustments  to medications if required. The program also aims to stabilize pain with safe opioid prescribing, weaning medications, and finally discharge to the patient's General Practitioner (GP). Cancer survivorship care has the goals of weaning and stabilizing opioid treatment for patients, with the focus on a multidisciplinary approach to improve function and survivorship. This is done in collaboration with GPs for long term care and transition. Interventional treatments offered include Neurolytic Procedures, Vertebral Augmentation, Intrathecal Drug Delivery, Neuromodulation, and Neurosurgical Procedures.  

Lead Physician(s)/Physician Team


Dr. Ehtesham Baig                                               Dr. Sachin Sahni

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